Ms. Rawan AlDuwaik


Rawan proved her great learning abilities from an early age. Her insight and love for learning helped her overcome all difficulties because Allah gave her sound pronunciation that contributed to overcoming challenges, and embodied the saying “Nothing is impossible with will and determination.”

Rawan, a beautiful heart, comforts you, makes you happy if you sit with her, spontaneously fascinates you with the details of her beautiful life with her loving family beyond imagination.

A socialite who loves people, her brilliance increased when she entered school at the age of 6.

Rawan excelled in studying and seeking knowledge, reading and writing fluently, as she studied for the seventh grade


She did not complete her studies due to difficulties in some schools because of:

  1. She has Down Syndrome 
  2. Parents of other students insisting on having Rawan leave the school.


She moved between several schools because of her Down Syndrome. Allah blessed Rawan from a younge age with memorizing skills for shortest surahs, so she lived with her love for life and the Qura’an, the book of Allah. Rawan loves coloring, swimming, trips, making sweets and cooking to develop her skills in this field.

Most notable achievements:

 She managed to memorize Surat Al-Baqarah in a year and a half.

She outperformed her university colleagues. She completed the Quran on the 29th of Ramadan 2021.

News agencies reported the news of Rawan's memorization of the Qur'an with pride, and newspapers, televisions of the world and news agencies spoke about it

Rawan AlDuwaik is the symbol and story of a successful family and mother who wanted her to pursue and adapt to a normal living forgetting the society’s negative view of the Down Syndrome group that need care and psychological support.

Rawan has won many honors, the most important of which is the honor of Prince Mired bin Raad bin Zaid

Honoring the Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and honoring from various parties in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Rawan ran the marathon 3 times and got third place.

Rawan seeks to establish her preservation and obtain the most honorable sciences, the metaphysical support, Allah willing.

Rawan's life story is a story of inspiration and an argument for all human beings

All credit to Allah alone first, and to her mother, who spared no effort to provide the best for her at every time and time.

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