Ms. Rahma Khaled


  • The first female anchor with Down syndrome in the Arab world to present a live TV program.


  • Rahma Khaled, who has Down syndrome, succeeded in working as a broadcaster on the DMC channel, presenting a weekly segment and interviewing guests live from December 2018 until now.


  • She reached this position after a great effort, she tried despite of all the difficulties and trained for two years in the Voice of the Arabs radio station and also took a course in radio presentation to prove to herself and the community that she has the skills that qualify her to fulfill her dream of working in the media to change the society's view of the people with Down syndrome and to be a successful person and an inspiring model


  • She joined the Al-Alsun Institute for Tourism and Hotels, Department of Tourism Studies, and graduated successfully in May 2018.


  • December 11th, 2018 was a historic day in the life of Rahma Khaled, because it was the first day that a down syndrome female anchor appeared for the first time on the air among the presenters of the TV morning show El Thamina Sbahan “8 in the morning” on DMC, and she was appointed as the first female anchor with “Down Syndrome” so far.

Her sports achievements:

  • Rahma Khaled was not only satisfied with her academic excellence, but also insisted on proving her athletic excellence, as she is the champion of Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East for swimming and tennis, as well as an official spokesperson for people with disabilities from the Middle East and North Africa region from 2012 to 2014.
  • She has more than 180 medals, including 7 international medals in different sports.


  • Her sports passion started at the age of 8, where she was able to play swimming, table tennis, tennis, and basketball.


  • In 2010, her first swimming international championship was in Syria, she won four medals, 2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, and she was 13 years old.


  • In 2012, she traveled to Lebanon at the first Youth and Schools Conference as an official spokesperson for people with disabilities from the Middle East and North Africa region.


  • In December of the same year, she traveled to the Sultanate of Oman and won a bronze medal in tennis.


  • In January 2013, she represented Egypt as an official speaker at the World Youth Conference in Korea and gave a speech in English and the slogan of the conference was “together we can”. She said that every human has abilities, no matter how simple it is, it must be appreciated and respected, and she hoped that the word retarded would be eliminated from the dictionary and life.


  • In 2014, at the Arab Regional Championship held at Cairo Stadium, she gave the players’ speech at the opening ceremony in front of the delegations of 28 countries, also she received a bronze medal with the tennis team in the same Championship.


  • In 2015, she was chosen to be the first member with Down syndrome in the regional advisory council for the Middle East and North Africa, and she attended the first meeting of the council in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


  • In 2015, Rahma was chosen as the most inspiring woman in Egypt, despite her young age of 19 years old.


  • In July 2016, she participated in the Swimming World Championships for Down Syndrome held in the in Italy with the Egyptian national team.
  • In November 2018, she traveled with the Special Art Society in an artistic cultural exchange program held in the state of Tennessee, USA.


  • In March 2019, she provided sports coverage for the Special Olympics World Championships held in the UAE as a broadcaster of the Abu Dhabi Sports Channel.


  • In 2018 she participated in Qaderoon “we are able” yearly national concert for special needs, and was one of the main presenters of the ceremony

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