Dr. Ahmed Alomran Alshamsi


Dr. Ahmed Alomran Alshamsi

P.H.D in International Human Rights Law, University of Essex, United Kingdom

MA in comparative law, supreme judicial institute, Alemam Mohamad bin Saud university, Saudi Arabia, 2003.

BA in Shariea Law, Alemam Mohamad bin Saud university, Saudi Arabia 2000.

Senior consultant, department of policies and strategies for sustainable development, the executive council, Dubai, the UAE “2015 up to date”.

Chairman of consultative council of Persons with Disabilities and vice president of Emirates association of the visually impaired from 2007.

Vice president of emirates association of the visually impaired “2011 up to date”.

Previous designations       

Expert in disability policies, ministry of community development, Dubai “from 2011-2015”.

Assessor in Dubai excellence government program “for three   consecutive years 2016-2018”.

Member of faculty of law, university of Sharjah “since January 2019- 2020”

Main qualifications:

  1. I have obtained a number of qualifications after attending short training courses in the following domains:
  2. Strategic planning, future thinking and scenario planning, lee quan uew school of public policy, national University of Singapore.
  3. Applying behavior insights to the design of public policy, Harvard Kennedy School of Governance, Harvard University “November 2018”.
  4. Developing public policy, London School of economics, “March 2018”.
  5. Assessing the impact of public policy, royal institute of public administration, London, 2016.
  6. Assessing the impact of public policy, Royal institute of Public administration, London June 2015.

Main achievements: 

  1. policies and initiatives:
  1. Formulating Dubai’s policy of human rights.
  2. Developing the emirate’s policy on reducing drug abuse.
  3. Developing a number of policies related to justice sector such as:
  4. One-day case program to    expedite judicial procedures in Dubai Courts.
  1. main publications:
    1. Civil liability of computer programmers, comparative study between Islamic Jurisprudence and Law, university of Alemam Mohammad bin Saud MA dissertation   2003.
    2. Promoting the right to work of disabled people in the UAE, lessons learned from the experiences of the US, Great Britain, Sweden and Belgium, University of Essex, P.h.d thesis, 2010.
    3. Assessing the feasibility of the quota scheme to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the private sector of the UAE, policy paper, ministry of community development, 2013.


  • Harmonizing national laws with the united nations convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, Ministry of Community Development, 2014



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