Abdulrahman Abdullah Al-Halwan


Abdulrahman Abdullah Al-Halwan

  • On the job in Kudu Group under training and qualification


Down syndrome - diabetes

A professional leader who can integrate into different environments

(I have a high ambition ceiling and my weapon is my permanent smile)


Academic qualifications: 

a government general secondary certificate from the Ministry of Education


Practical experiences: 

  • Completion of field training at Al-Othaim Center
  • Work for a food fitness fuel company, sales assistant for seven months
  • Player in Al-Shabab Club
  •  Member of the Toyor AlJana (Heaven Birds) club, Training in Mary’s Restaurant and customer service on the International Day of Down Syndrome. 
  • Completion of the training program for Panda in cooperation with the General Administration of Education in Riyadh.
  • Examination of visitors and taking glucose measurements by using the sugar device in an #موهوب بالفطرة (naturally gifted) event (medical)



  • Appearing as a media face for the Saudi Telecom Company, as the most prominent players of the national team in athletics.
  • One of the bocce champions in the Saudi Paralympic Games
  •  Reciting a poem at the closing ceremony for people with special needs at Al Shabab Club 
  • Participating in several television interviews, including Al-Ekhbariya TV interview on oral and dental health inموهوب بالفطرة# (naturally gifted) event and an interview with Ain Educational Channel and an interview with Al-Resala channel in Janadriyah 
  • Participation in a poem in the celebration of Saad Al-Din sweets on the occasion of the forty-year anniversary 
  •  participation in front of His Highness Prince Khalid bin Mutaib bin Abdullah Al Saud in the soldiers of our security in King Fahd Cultural Center
  • Reciting a poem in the theater of the event We Are All Alike 
  •  Reciting a poem in front of the Assistant Director of the Education Department Abdullah Al-Ghannam in Intilaqaty 4.
  • Reciting a poem in the Asaker stable within the #I_Have_a_Dream team 
  • Participation in the eighth awareness forum of the Saudi Center for Down Syndrome
  • Participation in the Disabled Campaign held at King Khalid University Hospital



The ability to cast all kinds of acting, acting all roles in plays, professional photography


Traveling and reading poems and poetry

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